Ultra HD Gobo Projector

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  • Powerful 90 watt LED lamp
  • Can be used in-/and outdoors
  • Automatic gobo changer, can rotate between 4 gobos (optional)
  • Includes 1 custom gobo. Additional custom gobos can be added for $70 each.
  • Minimum 2-week lead time required
  • Limited delivery range (30 mile radius of Seattle)
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  • Free shipping and returns
  • 5 day rental period
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Gobo lights make a personalized statement to any event. Project a personalized monogram, your wedding date, your company or organization's logo, or the name of your special event (learn more). Our gobo projector comes pre-loaded with your design, requiring you to turn on the projector and focus the light.


The cost for the Ultra HD Gobo Projector is $275.