LED Uplight Instructions

  1. Using the included power cord, plug uplight into outlet or extension cord.
  2. Place uplight on floor near wall or curtain.
    • Press the “Menu” button until “C” is displayed.
    • Using the “Up” or “Down” buttons select the desired color.
    • Enjoy!
  3. Additional colors are available. If you have an RGB color code you can manually enter it my selecting ‘mode’ until R###, G###, or B### is displayed. Press UP or DOWN until the 3-digit value for each color is displayed. Press SELECT to move between colors. For example, to set the color to red (which has an RBG code of R=255, G=0, and B=0) you press SELECT until R### is displayed. Press up until R255 is displayed. Press SELECT and change the value for green until G000 is displayed. Do the same for blue.
  4. Check out this easy RGB color tool to help you select your preferred color.
  5. Tilt the uplight until the desired effect is achieved.

Setup Time: 2 minutes or less per uplight.

Wireless Uplight Instructions

  1. Our wireless uplights come fully charged. On a full charge they will last 8-15 hours depending on the color selected.
  2. We’ve included power cords as a backup option.
  3. To turn on the uplights switch both the ’Load’ and ‘Battery’ buttons on the back of the light to the ‘on’ position.
  4. The unit comes with several preselected colors. Press ‘Mode’ until you see CL-### on the screen. Press ‘up’ or ‘down until your desired color is selected.
  5. Our uplights also support RGB color input if you want additional color options. Select ‘Mode’ until you see R, G, or B on the screen (Red, Green or Blue). Select ‘up’ or ‘down’ until your desired value for the color is set. Press ‘Setup’ and do the same thing until you’ve set values for all R, B, and G color inputs.
  6. The lights can be set to flash from any of the preselected colors. From the CL menu press ‘Setup’. F5.00. is no strobe. F5.01 to F5.15 is various speeds of strobe.

Italian Light Instructions

Please Note: Our LED globe lights are shatter resistant, not shatter proof. Please treat them carefully. Replacement bulbs are expensive and will be billed to your reservation.

  1. Lay out stringer where you want to hang the lights.
  2. Be extra careful on hard surfaces as the bulbs can crack or shatter.
  3. Each stringer measures 100ft and comes with a male and female end. 25 stringers can be plugged in end-to-end.

Setup Time: ~30 minutes per 100ft section

Gobo Projector Instructions

  1. Turn gobo on by pressing the power button on the back of the unit.
  2. You can also use the included remote to turn the unit on and off (press “Black Out” to turn on and off). To do this the unit needs to be on.
  3. Adjust the lever on the side of the projector until the light comes into focus.
  4. Gobo lights perform best when placed centered in front of the projected surface.

Laser Starlight Projector

Our laser starlight projector is quite possibly our easiest light to setup.

  1. Place the projector on table or flat surface
  2. Plug the projector into an outlet or extension cord
  3. Position it in the direction you want the light projected

Setup Time: 5 minutes

Pin Spot Setup Instructions

  1. Using the included magnetic base, attach the pin spot securely to the best available fixture (pipe, railing, or beam).
  2. To ensure the pin spot does not fall we highly recommend securing it with a zip tie, rope, or cable.
  3. Position the pin spot overhead or at a high elevation nearby for the best possible effect.
  4. Turn on the pin spot and then with the included remote press “Black Out” while pointing it at the pin spot.
    • “Black Out” will turn on and off the pin spots.
    • Be extremely careful when turning multiple pin spots on at a time. Point the remote directly at the front of the pin spot before pressing “Black Out”.
  5. The pin spots will last ~4 hours on battery power

Setup Time: 5-10 minutes

Black Light Setup Instructions

Setup Time: XX minutes

Edison String Light Setup Instructions

Setup Time: XX minutes

Spotlight Setup Instructions

Setup Time: XX minutes

Pipe & Drape Setup Instructions

Setup Time: XX minutes